We are Creative

We at CSI not only try, rather we do the things which helps us create something which is still an imagination for most, and we create those platforms which enables others to put out their innovative ideas and beliefs, to create a better world.We in CSI, through creativity try to change the way the world thinks. We make the complicated and complex, extremely simple, and that is what makes us creative.

We Share

Gaining knowledge is the foundation followed by sharing . We CSIans believe in progressing together. It is the reflection of our teamwork and leadership. Our success is the outcome of mutual beliefs and coordination. We do not believe in hoarding but gaining power through exchanging knowledge. For the step towards learning and sharing knowledge , communication is the key .

We Innovate

We innovate as it's the most endeavouring process of all, and it's our pleasure that we are always up with something better to give to the society leaving behind the arbitrary limits this world sets for us because limits are made to be challenged.We interact,conflict,argue and debate, and that is what makes our thinking out of the box.After all, there is no substitute for innovation.


Web Development

We are the trendsetters in web development. Our team makes use of the latest design principles and technologies to develop content and websites that can empower people, and help them achieve perfection.

App Development

Our team has that edge, which makes us the leaders in application development. We live, to turn ideas full of potential into hardcore code leading to beautiful and efficient mobile applications.


We, at CSI, have a team full of innovators and original thinkers imbued with the ability to turn the imaginations into a visually pleasing vista of creativity.

The only way to do great work is to love what you do



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Basic IT Lab, Third Floor, CS-IT Block,Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College, Ghaziabad - 201009

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